Monday, October 7, 2013

THE MAN IN THE MIRROR ( By Alexandra Obienu)

Wisdom. Wisdom isn't a thing far-fetched.
Judgment differs from Condemnation.
We judge those who kill but we kill and call it penance justified.
It has been said that a man strongest is a man of conviction.
How carved can we be that we can't bend to be wise?
How rigid is our folly on the foundation of believe?
How pious can we profess to be when in that piety lies our insanity?
Why stone another and look yourself in the mirror and say, "well done!"
it's inhumanity and murder!

There's no wrong in the world, no matter the magnitude, that can or would ever justify inhumanity.
Inhumanity is just a reflection of ignorance on some level.
We all somehow live in glass houses.
Toss your stones instead, into the sea.
Preach restitution, not Condemnation.
Don't blame the status quo.
Blame the man in the mirror.

Submitted (13/9/13) in support of the Who cares about stoning? online Photo campaign of the WLUML Global campaign on Stop Stoning

Source: BAOBAB

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