Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Power of Information by Yewande Okoya

With recent developments unfolding day by day in all parts of the world, knowledge through information sharing is paramount in order to educate, inform and address several issues that longs for explanations.

BAOBAB for Women's Human Rights will continue to disseminate information to all (especially women) who desire to be the change. Individually, we need to break that chain of mediocrity, releasing ourselves from whatever dares to cause a barrier in knowing and addressing issues that affects our livelihood.

It is time we arm ourselves with the weapon that cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything except we allow it. This weapon is INFORMATION!!!


  1. You are right! I would love to see more people explore the use of various ICT tools for information. Will contact Baobab for more information

  2. good piece Wendy,What can be done without being told how,where,why and when.Tell them'information is the key'.

  3. Very true yewande information is our way out and ICT tools are the keys

  4. @ Olla - thanks! Trust you are doing good. Regards to Eiman. Haven't heard from her since you left Nigeria.

    Take care!


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