Friday, February 12, 2010

Female police officers - by Wunmi akinbodunse

Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force gave a mandate to evict married female police officers living in police barracks with their civilian husbands from the police barracks. The mandate is based on the African belief that a man should provide everything for his wife including accommodation. This development is disturbing as it discriminates against female police officers since their male counterparts live with their spouses in police barracks. It is also worrisome that the Inspector General of Police whose duty it is to protect victims of human rights violations is spearheading such discriminatory policy. Nigeria is a signatory to various human rights instruments and a common thread that runs through all these instruments is the principles of equality and non-discrimination. It behooves agents of the State and non-state actors to uphold the said principles.


  1. This is really unfair!

  2. i believe our new acting president should see to this and other NGOs should stand for the women's right, and besides is it not the same women that brought the men to this world.

    please let find a solution, we nigerians.

    This is a good post, its informative!


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