Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Violence Against Women Without a Male Child by Ijeoma Chinakwe (an Intern with BAOBAB)

Up to date in the  eastern part of Nigeria, a  woman without a male child has no say in her husband's family, when her husband is no more she will be left with nothing. Empowering such woman and letting her know her fundamental human rights will give her much security and sense of belonging in the society.
Last year December, an organization (The Prudent Women Foundation) held a workshop in Imo state Nigeria, a case was reported of a woman with three girls without any male child. The woman was  forcefully pushed out of her matrimonial home by her husband’s relatives. This is because she had no male child for their brother for the years they lived together as a couple.  As a result of these, she  was sent out with her three female children with nothing to fall back to. 

The international women’s day observed every 8th of March, addresses such violence but it is a pity that many women are still not aware of this occasion that is solely for the benefit of all women. I feel sustainable empowerment  for women in general,  will reduce or totally eliminate such violence in our immediate and large society.

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