Friday, June 25, 2010

SHOW OF SHAME - Linda Aina

Ahhh!! not again and not when Nigeria is about to be 50 years. The members of House Representatives have decided to throw caution into the air by dragging our great country Nigeria in the mud.

These legislators are supposed to be making and enacting laws that would move Nigeria forward but rather they had decided to rain insults on themselves and to exchange blows in the watchful eyes of young students who are the leaders of tomorrow. What moral benefits do we expect these future leaders to imbibe from the ‘show of shame’ by our House of Representatives? I can imagine the thoughts that were going on the minds of these young ones, what future does the nation have for us? This question is crucial and need to be answered.

Millions of Nigerians are out there in abject poverty, no jobs, insecurity as a result of high rate of robbery and kidnappings. Instead of this group of individuals to uphold the oath they had taken to uphold this nation and its citizens, they are busy misappropriating funds and embarrassing the nation.

The rule of law should be allowed to take its place, the nine million Naira scandal should be properly investigated and all culprits should face the wrath of the law.

May God rescue our great nation Nigeria.

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